parents refuse to provide food for their school going children

 School administrators in North Eastern Uganda are stranded following parents’ refusal to provide day meals for their school going children. The head teachers say, parents no longer provide maize grains to school so that it can make porridge to give lunch to pupils.

 Mr. Ojangole the head teacher for f Kadam Primary School in Mukongoro Sub County says the pupils take borehole water as lunch because could longer afford to provide lunch. He says they agreed in the parents meeting to provide at least two kilograms of maize to be process for porridge but parents provided for the while and stopped.

 The Headteacher for Kaderine primary school Mr. Ochom Patrick says the pupils were surviving on mangoes but the season also ended. He said that are worried of poor performance because the pupils cannot learn properly on empty stomach.

 They revealed to a team of staff from the Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER) that was in the region for fact finding visit aimed to promote the right to education.

Under the Uganda Constitution of 1995, article 30 makes education as a right and article 32(b) makes government being the major stakeholder in upholding this right as well as the parents.


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