NGO examines SDG implementation in Uganda

The revelation followed the ISER’s country wide research to ascertain the status of the implementation of SDG4. The SDG four targets to ensure inclusive, equitable ,quality education and promote life learning opportunities for all by the year 2030.

The Non Government organization- Initiative for Social and Economic Rights(ISER) has revealed that Sustainable Development Goal are yet to move to proper direction of achieving intended targets.

The research indicated that, Uganda still lags behind to provide better, inclusive and quality education. The government aided schools still lack most of the minimum requirement in terms of infrastructure, teachers, accessibility to schools and scholastic materials.

”we found some schools with only three teachers yet one is set to retire, and another is on leave” said Ms Angella Nabwowe while presenting the report.

The most disadvantaged in the access to quality education were the children with special needs, Karamoja region and Buvuma Islands which are dubbed as hard to reach area.

The commissioner for Ministry of Education and sports Mr. Mulindwa Ismail said that though a lot needs to be done but the government is trying to rectify the the challenges. He said a number of buildings have been constructed, Specials consideration and more teacher are being trained.

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