Freedom of speech and expression in Uganda

Initiative for Social and Economic Rights (ISER) is one of the local Non Government Organization(NGO) in Uganda that has championed the promotion of the freedom of expression amongst the local citizens.

The organization run numerous activities that give opportunities to citizens to freely express their views as required by the 1995 Ugandan Constitution. Among the activities include community baraza, community dialogue and Focus Group Discussion(FGD).

One of the organization’s program officer Ms.Nassozi Rehema Ssozi said the community discussion helps to generate information that can be used to make accurate interventions to the public office bearers and government.

ISER also has an ongoing case before Mukono Chief Magistrate on the access to information. Its suing Nkokonjeru hospital in Buikwe District for confiscating the medical documents for one of its patients.

The freedom of speech and expression is guaranteed in the Uganda 1995 constitution under article 29(1) as well as in the Access to Information Act 2008. However, there are numerous laws, regulation and acts that restricts the freedom of expression.

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