Kayunga market has no toilet

 Barely, a year in office the challenges for the newly created administrative unit have started chocking the leaders. The funds given do not correspond with the demands of the community. At Busaana Town Council civil and political leaders are shying ways from responsibilities after exhausting all the lies and empty promises to residents to work on their needs.

Like many other, urban centres, Busaana is fast growing with rural urban migration  as many people  search for greener pastures but the required services do not relates in anyways with the better standard of living. The most challenging is the waste water and garbage management with no clear sites of disposal and routine cleaning.

 The most affected is the business community operating in the daily market where they lack pit latrine and poor garbage disposal. The pit latrine has filled up and dirty.

 The resident told the leader at ISER community baraza that they at risk of getting cholera, diarrhea and other unhygienic related diseases.

The Busaana Assistant Town Clerk Nakate  Gorret says they are improvising all means to improve sanitation in the market. However, she said that they are yet to identify the person to assist in cleaning the market vas many residents shy away from the  work.

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